Weekly Theme May 21, 2012

Weekly Theme May 21, 2012

_ F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real. 

Simply take action and prove yourself that its all in your mind.

Women, do not be afraid to get bulky.  That thought in your head that you will look like a man if you work out is nonsense!  Women simply do not grow muscle like men do, its genetics. Don’t believe me google it!

-Do be afraid to exhaust your muscles, that’s how they grow! 

-Don’t be afraid to change your stinking thinking – that’s why you hired me! Change!

The mind will always give up before the body. 

Your body take orders from your mind.  You are the CEO of you body start acting like it!

-How often have you given up before your body when working out?

-Could you have actually got that extra rep or had your mind succumbed to the burn?

-Your mind controls your fear.  Learn to control your mind. 

-What holds most people back is themselves! Not changing your mind means you will not change your body. 

-You give up on that diet plan, that’s your mind, control it by learning why the foods you eat are so important.