Weekly Theme April 9, 2012

Weekly Theme April 9, 2012

The Principle of OVERLOAD

Muscles adapt and grow when they are forced (with proper form) to overcome a resistance they have not experienced before.


•In order for a muscle (including the heart) to increase strength, it must be gradually stressed by working against a load greater than it is used to.

 •What to do to reach OVERLOAD at every workout 
 •How do you know if you reached overload?
 •Your Personal Point of Overload (PPO)
 •Go beyond what you have ever done either by raising the weight or adding 1-2 extra reps to one of your sets 
•Increasing the resistance 
 •Increasing the number of sets of the exercise (work)
 •Increasing the intensity- more work in the same time, i.e. reducing the recovery periods 

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