Turn your dreams of getting a lean, sculpted body into reality with our comprehensive custom video workout plan tailored to your individual fitness needs and requirements.

Unlike other ridiculously expensive run-of-the-mill workout programs that are heavily dependent on supplements, our customized workout plans are designed exclusively for YOU so you can get in shape and achieve specific fitness goals you have always desired.



Realizing that you need to shed those extra pounds and get the lean, ripped body you always wanted is a commendable accomplishment; but how do you do it correctly?

There is a MILLION workout plans, which one is BEST for you?

The truth is, the only strategy that is EFFICIENT is a CUSTOM DESIGNED WORKOUT PLAN made especially for YOU andYOUR LIFESTYLE.

You don’t have to waste your time and hard-earned money on cookie-cutter workout plans that are not made directly for you.

Most people spend their money on complicated copy-pasted Excel or boring written out workout plans that are NOTspecifically designed in line with their fitness needs or lifestyle.

Question: Why are you unable to achieve your fitness targets despite of giving it your 100%?

The answer is simple – when your workout plan is not customized according to your individual needs, it will undoubtedly yield below average results.

It’s logic.




Online custom fitness plans and workout programs usually follow the one-size-fits-all approach. (That means you’re probably following routines and doing exercises that are not even meant for YOU.)

Not only are they not customized specifically for you, they are complicated or antiquated “print outs” you have to carry around the gym.



Custom Training Plan Made Around Your Needs Focus on Individuality

Your fitness plan will be created by fitness and transformation expert Andrea and her teamexclusively for YOU keeping in mind your body type, fitness goals, metabolism and your physical capabilities, skills including agility, strength and stamina. Your fitness plan will be customized for YOU – so you get the results YOU DESIRE.


Busy Life? Our Workout Plans Work Around Your Schedule

Our personalized fitness plan is designed by keeping your daily schedule in mind so working out never feels like a chore to you or something unachievable. The customized workout plan is made so you can work out at any time of the day according to YOUR schedule.

If you don’t have a gym membership, no problem. We will give you customized at-home workouts to help you achieve your goals.


Interactive, Easy To Follow Video Workouts

Our exclusive personalized fitness plan offers more than complicated printouts or Excel workout spreadsheets.

Using the power of visual aid, each fitness plan comes with a set of comprehensive, easy-to-follow videos that will tell you exactly how to perform each exercise with step-by-step instructions.


24/7 Personal Assistance

You never have to rely on email support ONLY that takes forever to answer your queries. Andrea and her team will respond to your queries and concerns immediately via email, text, and/or call, whichever works best for you.


Ease Of Accessibility

Unlike any other custom fitness plan out there, you can easily access your personalized fitness plan with mobile training wherever you are, whenever you want to.

Proven Results

Going to the gym will never be a daunting task for you, we’ll make sure you achieve your fitness targets as quickly as possible.

Your personalized fitness plan will be based on proven methods to help you shed those extra pounds and gain muscle – one step at a time.

We are different in so many ways.

Our one-of-a-kind online mobile video workout plan app ensures you get the most out of your day at the gym effortlessly.

It’s not only customized to your fitness needs but it’s EXTREMELY EASY TO FOLLOW.


I’ll show you PRECISELY how to workout so you can melt away excess body fat and get ripped the natural way.

Individual Fitness Goals

The philosophy behind our one-stop-fitness-solution workout plans is simple. No two people are the same, then why should your workout plan be the same as everyone else?

Whether your aim is to simply lose weight and gain some muscle or both, we’ll create an elaborate customized workout plan that will focus on all problem areas and key fitness targets YOU want to achieve.

Can’t Make It To The Gym?

Not being able to go to the gym should not keep you from working out. When it comes to achieving faster fitness results, consistency is essential.

Based on your daily schedule, we’ll draw out an in-depth workout plan so you can do bodyweight workouts at home if you can’t make it to the gym. If you do have a gym, even better; we still have a plan for you.

Injury History

Don’t let past injuries stop you from getting in shape. Injury prevention is Andrea’s top priority when it comes to designing customized fitness plans so you can train without worrying about past injuries.

Commitments & Responsibilities

Your workout plan will not keep you from spending time with your friends and loved ones. Your daily workout routine will be divided into the time you will have available, so you can get the body you’ve always wanted without putting your life on hold.


More often than not, people give their 100% in the first few days and then start slacking off once the workout routine becomes monotonous.

YOUR progress is OUR achievement; our personalized fitness plan is ever-evolving. It will adapt to your progress and switch things up so you’ll never get bored doing the same workouts day in and day out and keep your motivation level from riding low..

I am Here To Help

You’ll get a personal trainer who knows what it takes for you to master your fitness goals.

I know the struggles people go through everyday. I am here to make something complicated sweet and simple.

I know exactly how to help you overcome any limitations you think you have; show you how to easily change your habits, and make working out your lifestyle.

I went from 24% bodyfat to 14% body fat in 3 months naturally.

I was always fascinated about fitness and nutrition but never really saw steady concrete results. I yo-yoed allot as others do and wasn’t really doing it right.

For example I was always told the more you sweat in cardio giving it your 100% (the whole cardio session), the more fat you’re going to burn. It makes sense, but it’s 100% wrong. If your heart rate is over 140 then you’re BURNING MUSCLE NOT FAT! Which is probably not your goal.

People are doing fitness but are doing it wrong and, in result, they get the opposite of what they want to achieve.

I am just a normal person who learned how to make fitness a lifestyle instead of yo-yo workouts and diets that were not made specifically for you and lifestyle.

How It Works & What You Get

Receive Custom Weekly Video Workout Plan

72 hours after turning you questionnaire you will receive a weekly video workout schedule.

Revising Weekly With Your Requested Changes

Revising workout schedule weekly with feedback detailing how each week went. Using the results from prior week, the next video workout plan will be customized around your new preferences.

We don’t just give you unlimited email support.

We personally talk to you to make sure you have accomplished your fitness goals.

Communication process

Call #1

Review workout plan with the nutritional guide and SET GOALS!

Email Support

Unlimited email support with any questions you may have or any changes you would like on the following week’s workout schedule.

Call #2

Follow up call near the end of the month to see if goals were accomplished.

How To Order Your Custom Video Fitness Plan

Fill out the form sent to your email pertaining to your schedule, body-type, lifestyle, training preferences and history. This will help us come up with an elaborate workout plan to suit your needs.

We customize a video workout plan that fits your unique lifestyle and fitness goals.

You will receive a login to our video workout plan app.

We review the workout plan together on the phone.

Customize it weekly based on your preferences.

Follow up call to make sure you achieved your workout goals.

Let’s Be Honest

A great fitness plan is one that is tailored to your specific fitness needs and targets. Invest in our customized mobile video training plan today to get results as quickly as possible.*

What separates a great fitness plan from all the mediocre ones?

Don’t make the same mistake of paying a high price for workouts, DVDs, books and amateur personal trainers that will only waste your time and give you negligible results.

Most fitness programs and workout plans may cost you a large sum of up to $300 with no guaranteed results.

The only way to build a lean, sculpted body you’ve once dreamed of is through a tailored approach designed in line with your body-type, needs, preferences and schedule.

A personal trainer at a gym will charge you around $50 per session only to realize that your workout plan is similar to that of everyone else in the gym. With at least 10 sessions needed to notice visible results, you’ll spend $500 in a month.

On the other hand, a gym membership roughly costs $100 so you’ll be spending a hefty sum of $600 when you really don’t have to. You can get a workout plan designed exclusively for YOU at half the price.

The emotional cost of seeing all your efforts and sacrifices going down the drain is priceless and will de-motivate you from investing in fitness and training ever again.

Andrea will help you achieve your customized fitness goals for 80% less than

  • Basic Plan

  • $694 Weeks
  • Custom Video Workout Plan

    • Call with Trainer
    • Cardio Plan
    • Email Support
    • Super food Ebook
    • Recipe Guide
    • Grocery List
    • Weekly Revisions on Workout Plan

  • 12 Week Workout

  • $59per month
    • Custom Video Workout Plan
    • Call with Trainer
    • Cardio Plan
    • Email Support
    • Super food Ebook
    • Recipe Guide
    • Grocery List
    • Weekly Revisions on Workout Plan



If you’re looking to make consistent progress, achieve guaranteed results as quickly as humanly possible, order your 12 week customized video workout plan from real trainers, just like me, that will help you every step of the way.

If you have any questions about anything please contact me through Facebook or any other social media below.

Your coach

Rich Straitiff