Fitness and Finance

Fitness and Finance

We’re broke, we’re unhealthy, we spend more than we make, we eat more and exercise less. More people need Healthcare because they are unhealthy and the same people are financially overextended so they afford to pay for it, hence medical bills being the number one cause of bankruptcy.

What do we do about this?

Our future can benefit if we teach our children in public schools how eat healthy and exercise. We teach the basics of living off 80% and saving 20% of income and how to manage credit. It needs to be thought in every grade so when a young adult enters the community he or she can manage money and their health.

Right NOW we can ensure we don’t go bankrupt by having proper health insurance coverage. We need three essential products because major medical isn’t enough anymore. We need major medical, supplemental accident & critical illness, and telemedicine. This combination with save us hundreds if not thousands of dollars in Healthcare.

Right NOW, we can educate ourselves and others about proper nutrition , exercise, and leading a healthy lifestyle. My business is designed to provide just that.

Right NOW, we can stop spending more than we make, pay off debt and live on 80%, not 180% of our incomes.

Together we can America by simply eating less, spending less, exercising more, and saving more!