Weekly Theme April 23, 2012

Weekly Theme April 23, 2012

_                                         Hunger VS Appetite

Is your body really hungry or is your stomach growling, or is it all in your head?  If you cannot change your mind – than how do you expect to change your body?

Hunger –”Feed me” says your stomach – body needs fuel.

Your body only needs a couple hundred calories to satisfy for the next two hours.
Satiety I’m full – Signals from your Hypothalamus in the brain

Eat slow, put down your fork, your eyes were bigger than your stomachStop eating before your brain tells you to.  Its slow to respond to the feeling in your stomach.

Appetite– nonphysical response to eating.  Body does not need fuel.  Response to: mood, time of the day, culture, routine, etc…Appetite can be taught with behavior modification. 
Food is linked with emotions for so many people.  I love to eat, it makes me happy, and that can be dangerous as you have seen in my picture top left.  You can eat all day as long as its full of vegetables, fruit, and lean meat.  Eating is often associated with family.  Momma wants to make sure you get fed,  that’s fine just don’t overeat.
Food is often associated in social situations – party platter, appetizers, small things add up and don’t eat because you are nervous. 
Find you own way to conquer and control your appetite or you will end up like I did!

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