Weekly Theme April 16, 2012

Weekly Theme April 16, 2012


Three quarters of the road to your fitness goal travels through your kitchen.

Three Macronutrients you must understand.

1.Protein – Yields approx 4 calories per gram
2.Carbohydrates – Yields approx 4 calories per gram
3.Fats – Yields approx 9 calories per gram All three Equal the calories in your food. 

Example: one cup of 1% milk has 111 calories 3 g of fat, 13g carbs, & 8g protein.  

Protein – 4g x 8 = 32 calories Carbohydrates -13g x 4 = 52 Fat – 3g x 9 = 27 calories 32 +52 + 27 = 111 calories

When you look at the nutrition label know where the calories are coming from.
Notice that Fats yield more than double the calories of  carbs and protein. 
You are what you eat! Choose wisely what you put into your Body. 

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