Personal Training

$95 for 3 Personal Training Sessions!

Sessions are 45 minutes long, must be used 90 days from date of purchase, and sessions are transferable.

Determined Results Fitness Personal Training operates out of completely private gyms.  The only people allowed in the gym are clients and trainers and often you will be working out with just you and your trainer.  This means that no one is judging you, watching you, or occupying equipment you need to use.  The private gyms are clean, your choice of music, and water is supplied.


  1. Ballantyne Area (Promenade Shopping Center)
  2. Uptown (N. Tryon St)


Option 2

Pay now for your 3 sessions for $95 and Head Trainer Rich Straitiff will contact you within 24 hours.

Option 1

Apply for your 3 sessions for $95 by completing this form and Head Trainer Rich Straitiff will contact you within 24 hours.

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Head Trainer Rich Straitiff

Ballantyne Area (Promenade Shopping Center)

Leverage our expertise

  • Access to an experienced Personal Trainer
  • Customized training programs that are designed to deliver the results that you want
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to perform each exercise in your program to ensure that you keep the correct form and avoid injury
  • Multi-level programs to ensure your body is challenged and your interest is peaked


  • Regular check-ins from your personal trainer
  • Weekly email newsletter with health and nutrition tips, workout ideas, and motivational articles


  • Online training available that can be accessed whenever is convenient for you
  • Programs can be customized based on the equipment you have access to and the time you have available to train

Nutrition Coaching

  • Nutrition Coaching programs are provided to help you supplement your workouts
  • Determined Results Fitness Recipe book provided with training

Tracking your progress

  • Body composition analysis performed at initial consultation or shortly thereafter
  • Analysis updated every 4-6 weeks to track the ongoing results of our training program

What’s in the Newsletter?  

A weekly dose of determination! But for real it’s fitness, nutrition, and motivation content that you can use to spice up your workouts, try a delicious recipe, and get your mind right through powerful quotes and anecdotes!
Darshan's Story
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DISCLAIMER:  Individual results may vary.   Not all clients achieve the results they seek because each person has different genes, circumstances, and determination that affects the way their body responds to a exercise and nutrition program.   Our goal at D.R.Fitness is to design a program that we believe will achieve your goals and we make adjustments along your journey to overcome unforeseen obstacles!  We are DETERMINED to help you achieve RESULTS!