Rip Da’ Thick High Intensity Class

Dr FitnessWhat is it?

This is a total body workout twice per week. The class design uses High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) principals. The class is a 45 minute fitness class that will scorch calories while strengthening and toning your body. We use body weight exercises, Dumbbells, Fitness sliders, and other equipment to achieve a total body workout and the physique you have always wanted.

Who is this for?

Never have the time to workout more than two days per week? Having trouble with your thickness? Want to be Ripped, but nothing seems to work? If you are like most of us pressed for time, closely watching expenses, and want to drop 20 pounds of fat this class is for you! If you like to take fitness classes, but need something the actually cranks your heart rate you might want to try this class. Maybe you need a little motivation to stick with your fitness plan or you enjoy working out when the workout is planned for you!

Why should I take this class?

It’s fun, it’s a challenge, and it’s different than anything else in Charlotte! Incredible fitness value by combining cardiovascular fitness with strength training gives you a triple benefit of high calorie burn, increased aerobic output, and functional strength improvements. Financial steal when compared to the personal training sessions. Achieve great results with the full body style workouts. Cuts gym time in half with the 45 minute class structure.

How do I sign up and pay? Location, cost, time

The class runs every Tuesday & Thursday from 6:45-730pm
Located at 10n1 Body — 901 N Tryon Street Charlotte, NC (NEW LOCATION)

First class is free,

Single class is $15,

4 class pass is $49

VIP Unlimited Class is $69

Pick up your pass at your next class.